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Summer Time and Travelling should be Easy.

Its that time of year again, when we dust off our mobility scooters and wheelchairs, ready for the new spring and summer season here in Ashford and in fact the whole of Kent.

Here is a few Tips, that may Help you have trouble free motoring for the coming good weather.

1. Ensure that the scooter/wheelchair is serviced annually. Safety is most important.

2. Ensure that the tyres if pneumatic, are inflated to the correct pressure.

3. A battery test will inform you of the state of your batteries, so they don’t let you down.

4. On class 3 (8MPH) scooters check all lights and indicators are fully working, (Legal requirement for Road Use.)

5. Check the functionality of the brake unit regularly. This can be done by gauging the stopping distance and checking that there is minimal roll back.

6. Free wheel lever. This is the lever that’s usually located on the rear of the scooter near to one of the rear wheels or on top of the rear cowling. Ensure that lever has not become loose and never disengage this lever whilst sitting on the scooter or on a slope as this can cause the scooter to roll away.

7. Battery charging. As a powered wheelchair user for the past 50 years, I have discovered the best way, to charge batteries, to sustain the longevity and range of my mobility vehicles. What I have found that works for me, is to charge it every time I use it, and try to charge it for twelve hours every time.

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